we were covering each others faces after we kissed, i pushed him away and then he did it to me and we’re weird but it’s fucking hilarious. my relationship is perfect i don’t even care.

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    we’re fabulous. fuck society.
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I love Christmas. I'm a total asshole, and a complete mess. I'm always tired, and unknowingly flirty. I live in my cupboard, but it's not under the stairs. I'm secretly part cat. I'm Ariel. Harry Potter is my hobby. I'm in love with Lexi, Victoria, Ashe Maree, Cara Delevingne, Megan Fox, Claire Julien and a few others ooft. I always have a bottle of coke in my hand. I'm always cold and I love gingers. I snort when I laugh and if I get angry I'm horrid. I have the mood swings of a bi-polar pregnant lady. I have Vasovagal Syncope, and determination is my middle name. I love spooning. rip ginge.

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